The Mindful Kindness Program

The Mindful Kindness Program

The Mindful Kindness Program is designed to be used in a prison group setting, where participants will work through each chapter of the book How Love Wins

The mission and purpose of The Mindful Kindness Program are to learn simple tools to help change old habits that keep us stuck in the same self-centered cycle, to live a more mindful and kinder lifestyle.

Confirmed through numerous scientific studies, mindful and kindness practices can strengthen our communities, lead to stronger relationships, contribute to a long healthy life, strengthen communities and, in general, improve our lives and the lives of others.

Through a 12-step transformational group process that promotes altruism and empathy, The Mindful and Kindness Program also moves to connect prisoners with community volunteers. We believe that through this connection, motivated through kindness and love, any person can be motivated to change; even with a cruel and traumatic past. Love, mindfulness, and kindness move us from a “me” culture to a “we” culture.

View a sample program proposal here.

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Lou Araujo is working with the Foundation as a leader on the Mindful Kindness Program. Watch him speak at the CAPSHS (California’s Parole Suitability Hearing Support) 2021 Parole Symposium.