PBIS Kindness Grant

$100,000 PBIS-Kindness Challenge Grant


As of May 30th, registration is now closed. Stay tuned for future registration opportunities! 


Registration approval is required before applications will be accepted. Once registration is approved, all information on how to apply for the grant will be provided. This application is for informational purposes only. 


PBIS Resources Packet: This document provides schools with examples of how to complete the requirements of the grant. Specifically, the packet includes an example of how kindness can be added to a school’s PBIS behavior matrix. Other examples in the packet provide example lesson plans for teaching kindness in a range of school settings. Example kindness behaviors are included in the matrix along with a blank matrix and blank lesson planning form. Please note that the Resources Packet is still under development. 

Kindness Resources for Schools: This document provides numerous online resources and ideas for kindness. 

Random Acts of Kindness Calendar: The RAK Calendar gives you easy ideas for incorporating kindness into every day of the year.