Our Mission is to increase well-being and happiness in individuals, organizations, and communities through "Kindness Grants."


About the Choose Kindness Foundation

The mission of the Choose Kindness Foundation is to increase well-being and happiness in individuals, organizations, and communities by providing “kindness grants” in four focus areas: schools, workplace, social services, and public safety. The grant funds must be used to implement the kindness learning resources the foundation has developed in each of the four focus areas.

How We Work

A project director heads each focus area and is responsible for the development, testing, revision, adoption, and appropriate use of the kindness resources. The following is a description of the process for each project.

Schools. The Foundation will award grants to schools and districts to implement kindness-in-schools resources, which districts can customize for their specific use. These resources emphasize four kindness skills: show appreciation, offer help, be friendly, and reach out to those in need. Practicing these skills over the K-12 years can have a profound effect on the well-being and happiness of many youths in addition to creating caring school environments for all students and staff. The trainings will also contribute to more caring relationships at home, with friends, and throughout the community.

Workplace. The Foundation will award grants to public entities, including government agencies and schools, and to private companies to implement kindness-in-the workplace resources designed to increase positivity/kindness and reduce incivility and negative behaviors. The resources address six employee skills and four manager skills for creating a kind and positive workplace.

The employee skills include how to be caring, interested, and helpful; support one another; avoid blame and forgive mistakes; show gratitude, trust, respect, and integrity; inspire one another, and appreciate the meaningfulness of work.

The manager skills are how to support positive social interactions; show empathy; go out of your way to help; and encourage people to talk to you, especially about their problems.

These resources are based on material derived from the Harvard Business Review and the National Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Kindness Campaign.

Social services. The Foundation will award service contracts to organizations to provide at-risk youth and adults opportunities to participate in a series of group-facilitated discussions based on one of these two publications: Lasting Happiness: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults and How Love Wins for adults. The books teach how to establish and maintain close and caring relationships by building kind habits, addressing unkind habits, and being mindful. Finally, the books emphasize how to overcome our biases against ‘out groups’ by reaching out to them with kindness. Costs that are permitted under the service contract include payments to facilitators, reimbursement for participant incentives and supplies, as well as an administrative fee for the contracted organization.

Public Safety. The Foundation will award grants to prisons to support inmate facilitators who will teach mindful kindness to groups of adults in prison using the book How Love Wins, along with the facilitator’s guide. As noted above, the book teaches adults how to establish and maintain close, caring relationships by building kind habits, being mindful, and addressing unkind habits. The book also focuses on reaching out with kindness to those who are in need.

The grants will also support former inmate facilitators who will teach mindful kindness using Lasting Happiness to young offenders, teens, and youth who qualify for diversion programs. The Foundation will also fund other groups made up of public safety employees, such as corrections officers, to go through How Love Wins in a facilitated group setting.

Community Kindness Awards. The foundation intends to launch a Million Dollar Kindness Challenge. These awards will go to communities that plan to use the foundation resources in three of the four funding focus areas.

To receive funding from the Choose Kindness Foundation, an entity (a public, private, for-profit, or non-profit organization) will complete an application that explains how the applicant will implement the resources the foundation would provide. We will solicit and accept applications from across the United States.

The foundation will also make contributions to social justice organizations, including those focused on environmental justice.