Our Mission is to increase well-being and happiness in individuals, organizations, and communities through "Kindness Grants."

The Positive-Workplace-Through-Kindness Program

The Positive-Workplace-Through-Kindness Program

Many ingredients are required to make an organization healthy and successful. One ingredient is a positive work culture, which can be developed by increasing kindness and decreasing incivility and negative behaviors. Research shows that positivity in the workplace, which is fueled by kindness, increases profits, productivity, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction. More specifically, a positive workplace can improve job performance, increase employee motivation and well-being, lengthen employee tenure, reduce sick leave, and improve relationships among staff and with suppliers and clients.

Adults spend more time at work than in any other activity. As kindness becomes more valued and prominent in the minds of the workforce, its benefits are likely to transfer to other aspects of workers’ lives away from the workplace—to family, friends, and the community as a whole.

The Choose Kindness Foundation has developed the “The Positive Workplace Through Kindness Program” to help private and public organizations determine their level of positivity, which means the degree to which civility and kindness characterize their workplaces. It includes an assessment to gauge the current levels of kindness and incivility/negative behavior in your organization, and recommendations to both increase positivity and decrease incivility and negativity. The program can be implemented across eight steps.

This eight-step implementation guide can be used to increase kindness and positivity and decrease incivility and negative behaviors in the workplace. The guide includes a workplace assessment survey, training exercises, and other tools to enhance positive behaviors at work. The rationale for understanding the value of positivity/kindness and optional trainer’s tips make using the guide easy, informative, and practical.